What Is Auger Filling Machine?

auger powder filling machine

What is auger filling machine? This is a filling machine suitable for powder filling. For example, milk powder, talcum powder, coffee powder, etc. can be filled by this machine.

What is the working principle of auger filling machine?

It consists of a screw metering machine, a chain conveyor belt and a pneumatic positioning device. The weight to be weighed is controlled by the number of revolutions of the screw. The measurement is accurate and the speed is fast.


  • The machine can be combined with other equipment to form a filling line to realize automatic filling: Bottle unscrambler → automatic feeding machine → filling machine → capping machine (or can sealing machine) → bottle mouth aluminum foil sealing machine → labeling machine → inkjet printer → chain conveyor belt → packing platform.
  • Made of stainless steel, all machine structures are selected and designed in accordance with food and drug hygiene standards.
  • It is designed according to the GMP norms and standards, food and drug hygienic requirements. It truly realizes the fully automatic action of the assembly line, ensuring that personnel will not touch the product during the entire production process, and the production process is transparent and more reliable.
  • The inner wall of the container in contact with the material is polished, and the structure that is often disassembled and washed is connected with easy-to-detachable parts to ensure that it is hygienic and convenient to handle when changing shifts or changing products.
  • Can go to the factory site to investigate and design the production plan on the spot; provide technical support for other aspects of the production line free of charge.

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