Powder Filling Machine Sold to Australia


In daily life, you will come into contact with some seasoning powder, milk powder and other powder products. Due to the special properties of the powder, clean and safe packaging is required to ensure the application safety of the product and extend the shelf life of the product. Today, I will introduce a powder filling machine to you, and reveal why the powder filling machine is popular in Australia.

  1. Powder filling machine

The powder filling machine developed by our company is a model that integrates powder filling, upper cover and screw cap. It consists of screw metering system, automatic cap unscrambling mechanism and cap screwing mechanism, and can form a complete filling line with bottle unscrambler, bottle washing machine and labeling machine. Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical, chemical and other industries, such as medicine, milk powder, seasoning, glucose powder, solid beverage, talcum powder, etc.

The metering of the powder filling machine adopts screw metering, which has a large metering range; it is equipped with a reliable rotary switch valve system, which can effectively prevent the problem of material leakage during filling. When there is no bottle or empty bottle, the equipment will automatically stop and protect. The equipment adopts stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, which is convenient, simple and reliable to operate. By adjusting the speed, it can be effectively applied to the filling of various powders. Use vibrating plate for automatic capping and automatic torque capping; bottle-shaped container packaging, equipped with automatic bottle feeding system, can realize no bottle or no bottle filling; open door material box, humanized and easy-to-wash frame frame, complete machine The structure and layout are reasonable, the variety of packaging can be replaced, and the cleaning is convenient. Weighing feedback specific gravity tracking, overweight alarm, fault alarm prompt and waste discharge function to ensure the qualified rate of products.

  • Powder filling machine sold to Australia

In recent years, our company has cooperated with nearly 10 powder filling machine projects in Australia, and the filling materials include flour, milk powder and so on. The powder filling machine developed by our company is an improved new product, the structure and performance have been greatly improved, the adjustment is more convenient, the performance is more reliable, and it has the advantages of simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories, and automatic continuous feeding. By improving packaging efficiency and reducing labor costs, it can boost the long-term development of customers, and has a good corporate reputation and reputation among Australian powder filling machine customers.

The quality of the powder filling machine developed by our company has been strictly controlled and repeatedly debugged. We sincerely hope that every customer can choose a suitable powder filling machine here. Here, we hope to have cooperation with you chance.

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