Baby Talcum Powder Filling Line Machine Factory

Application: talc powder, medicine powder, nutritional powder, chemical powder, etc.

The talcum powder filling machine is an economical and practical filling machine, which can complete the automatic positioning, filling and measuring of bottles. It consists of a filling head, a connecting plate conveyor belt and a positioning device. It can be combined with bottle unscrambler, capping machine, labeling machine, etc. to form a complete filling line. The baby powder filling machine is widely used in automatic quantitative filling of food, medicine, chemical products and other industries.

Talcum Powder Filling Machine Structure:

  • PLC intelligent control: The independent LCD screen has the function of touch screen speed adjustment, which can see the running process of the machine more clearly and comprehensively, real-time monitoring, real-time adjustment, and more accurate. At the same time of efficient production, the filling effect is also good.
  • Screw filling: Optical fiber positioning filling, screw accurate quantitative filling, no dripping, stable production.
  • Conveyor belt: The bottle is stably conveyed, and the fine grinding motor is used to drive the bottle, so that the bottle is stably transported without collision, and the bottle is not poured or dropped.

baby powder filling machine

Talcum Powder Filling Line Features:

  1. Fast speed: using screw cutting and light control technology.
  2. High precision: using stepper motor and electronic weighing technology.
  3. The parts in contact with the talcum powderare made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and prevents cross-contamination.
  4. Wide range of filling: The same quantitative fillingmachine can be continuously adjusted by adjusting and replacing the blanking screw of different specifications within 5-5000g talcum powder through the electronic scale keyboard.
  5. Color touch screen man-machine interface, all in English (other languages are optional) to display the working status, operation instructions, etc., easy and intuitive operation. The filling weight of talcum powder is infinitely adjustable at any time.

After-sales Instructions of Baby Powder Filling Machine:

  • About the price: The prices of all talcum powder filling machines are reference prices. Due to the variety of products, different production specifications, and different material grades, the prices are different. Please consult customer service for actual charges.
  • About filling machine: Before placing an order, please be sure to confirm the specific requirements with the customer service. Such as filling volume requirements, capping requirements, labeling requirements, production capacity requirements, etc. We will recommend suitable machine models and specific solutions for you according to your requirements.
  • About chromatic aberration: The filling machines sold are all taken in kind. It is normal for the product pictures to have different color differences on different monitors.
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