What Is The Function of Filling Machine?

What is the function of filling machine

With the continuous deepening of the automation process of food, wine and beverage manufacturing, filling machines have become indispensable equipment in the light industry. The development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. As one of the important production equipment in light industry, the function of filling machine is becoming more and more powerful. Today, let us discuss the basic classification and What is the function of filling machine.

Basic classification of filling machines:

  • liquid filling machine

After the juice, jam and beverage are processed, the liquid filling machine is inseparable. There are also many types of liquid filling, such as juice, jam, wine, cosmetics, daily chemical products, oils, etc., the filling machines used in them are also different.

  • Powder filling machine

The powder filling machine is mainly suitable for filling various powder products, such as pepper powder, fruit and vegetable powder, etc.

  • Granules filling machine

Granular filling machines are widely used in the food industry, such as salt, peanuts, etc., as long as they are granular foods, they can be filled and sealed with granular filling machines. Packaging containers are cups, boxes, bottles, stand-up bags, etc.

What is the function of the filling machine?

The whole working process of the filling machine filling includes the translational conveying of empty bottles, up and down lifting and quantitative filling, etc., and is completed by its actuator. The process steps to be completed by the general filling machine are: feeding into the packaging container; filling the product according to the process requirements; sending out the finished product. The container filled with materials coming out of the filling machine can be sealed by sealing mechanical equipment.

The filling machine developed by our company adopts man-machine interface setting, intuitive and convenient operation, PLC control; frequency conversion control, arbitrary adjustment of production speed, automatic counting. With automatic stop function, no filling if there is no bottle; disc positioning filling, stable and reliable; high-precision cam indexer control, positioning. Made of SUS304 and 316L stainless steel, in line with GMP requirements.

Our company can customize all kinds of filling machines, and provide automatic quantitative filling solutions, provide the design basis of all equipment and auxiliary equipment in the system, the scope of supply boundaries, design and manufacturing standards, equipment scheme layout drawings, equipment technology Description, performance structure, transportation, installation and commissioning and other technical services.

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