300kg/h Tomato Sauce Filling Capping Line-CANKEY

Application: tomato sauce, chili sauce, peanut butter, juice, etc.

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Tomato sauce is one of the most popular condiments used in households, restaurants, and food processing industries. To meet the increasing demand for tomato sauce, food processing industries require an efficient and automated filling capping line to increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs. The tomato sauce filling line is designed to perform these tasks with high accuracy, speed, and consistency.

tomato paste fillng line

The tomato sauce filling line consists of several machines connected in a sequence to complete the entire sorting, filling, capping and labeling process. First, the empty bottles are loaded onto the conveyor belt, which moves them to the tomato paste filling machine. The filling machine fills the bottles with the desired amount of tomato sauce. The filling machine uses a volumetric or piston filling system to ensure accurate and consistent filling.

After filling, the tomato sauce bottles move to the capping machine, where the caps are placed on top of the bottles. The capping machine uses a cap feeder to feed the caps onto the tomato sauce bottles, and then the capping head secures the cap onto the tomato sauce bottle. The capping machine can handle different types of caps, such as screw caps, snap-on caps, and press-on caps.

Finally, the tomato sauce bottles move to the labeling machine, where the labels are attached to the bottles. The labeling machine uses an automatic labeling system to apply the labels accurately and consistently. The labeling machine can handle different types of labels, such as paper labels, plastic labels, and shrink sleeves.

The core equipment of this tomato sauce filling line is the tomato paste filling machine.

  1. The machine is equipped with PLC English man-machine control interface, one-button operation is simple and convenient, the capacity can be changed, and the equipment parameters are simple.
  2. The distance between the cylinders is controlled by well-known brand pneumatic components, and the independent cylinder quantitative system is used to realize the position movement of the quantitative cylinders to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the filling process.
  3. Adopt fast and slow double-speed regulating valve, the speed can be adjusted by itself, easy to operate, no bubbles or overflow during thetomato sauce filling process.
  4. Equipped with a safety protection device to ensure that there is no bottle, no filling, and prevent tomato sauceleakage.
  5. The parts in contact with the tomato sauceare made of high-quality stainless steel, which meets the required food hygiene standards.
  6. Easy to clean, anti-corrosion and durable.
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