How Do You Use Powder Filler?

powder filler

Powder filler is a very commonly used powder packaging equipment. But how do you use powder filler? It’s very simple, just follow the instructions step by step to be proficient. However, the following points need to be paid attention to during the operation.

  • In order to prevent electric shock, the machine must be well grounded, please equip the device with a power socket with a ground wire.
  • Use power and air sources that comply with the regulations for the machine.
  • There are electrical control components inside the machine, please do not wash the body with water directly, otherwise there will be a danger of electric shock and damage to the electrical control components.
  • Before disassembling and washing the machine, turn off the air source and power supply, especially after turning off the power switch, there is still voltage in some circuits in the electrical control of the machine. Be sure to unplug the power cord when overhauling the control circuit.

Installation Environment:

The machine should be installed indoors, floor-mounted, and be able to meet your technical requirements to work effectively under the specified working conditions.

Operating Conditions:

Automatic bottle feeding, quantitative filling, one person can operate.

Design Additional Notes:

  • According to customer requirements and material properties, additional design solutions can be provided as follows:
  • Plus a vacuum cleaner, supporting industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • The feeding method can be changed to realize the packaging of granular materials.
  • It can realize feeding on the second floor, and the feeding port can be directly connected with the storage bin of the machine. If it is a flat feeding, it can also be equipped with a screw feeder.
  • For viscous materials, a vibration device can be added at an appropriate position to prevent material blocking or sticking.

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