What Are Equipment Used for Filling Gummy?

gummies filling

What are equipment used for filling gummy? According to different filling requirements, there are different ways to choose. Commonly used are counting and weighing.

1.Counting Packaging

Counting packaging, as the name suggests, is packaging according to a fixed quantity. It can realize single-variety filling and multi-variety mixed filling. The function of automatic arrangement and counting and blanking can be customized to realize a fully automatic packaging process.


  • The vibrating tray runs smoothly, has low noise, and does not damage the gummy. It adopts a precise counting control device to ensure the accuracy of counting and completely eliminate negative errors. Each feeder in the equipment can be turned on or off at will to facilitate production needs.
  • Each set of material tray is equipped with material full stop, material shortage alarm or stop device to ensure that the quantity of each bag is accurate.
  • The number of gummy packages can be adjusted and controlled at will, and the number of packages can be automatically displayed, which can easily count the workload of the machine.
  • By adding a conveyor bucket, it can support the automatic packaging of various gummies, and the chain is more stable, fast, safe and low in noise during the forward process.
  • Equipment such as vibrating plate, feeding machine, bag punching device, finished product conveyor and other equipment can be added according to customer requirements.

2. Weighing and packing

Weighing packaging is packaging according to the weight of the fondant. Usually a multi-head scale is used.


  • Accurate and fast weighing.
  • Fully automatic operation, integrated packaging process, more efficient and simple.
  • All electrical accessories use well-known brands, with long life and high stability.
  • The mechanical parts are of top quality, with little loss and durability.
  • The film release structure is simple and has the function of automatic deviation correction.
  • Using advanced software, the operation is simple, the degree of customization is high, and the work is more efficient with high-quality hardware.

In addition, we can also customize the packaging line according to the packaging requirements of different customers. Welcome to contact us. ( Email: info@cankeytech.com )

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