Auger Filling Machine Working Principle

auger filling machine

The auger filling machine working principle is mainly divided into the following parts:

  1. Transmission principle: The motor transmits the power to the worm gear shaft of the reducer through the pulley, and then the worm gear shaft transmits the power to the dial shaft, the filling part and the capping head through the gears.
  2. Filling part working principle: The bottle is sent to the synchronous belt, and the insert on the synchronous belt drives the bottle to run forward at a constant speed. When the photoelectric sensor senses the bottle, it stops moving, and the filling head is inserted into the bottle mouth to start filling.
  3. Cap feeding system: It is composed of cap feeding track, cap managing head and cap wearing mechanism. The capping head adopts the principle of electromagnetic spiral vibration, arranges the messy caps in a line, enters the cap feeding track through the reversing track, and when passing through the capping mechanism, the bottle hangs the cap and passes through the gland plate to place the cap in the correct position.
  4. Capping head: After the bottle enters the capping head turntable, the three rolled knives that have been opened will take the bottle as the center, rotate forward with the turntable, and press the cap under the control of the cam. At this time, the three rolling knives are under the action of the cone sleeve. , and roll to the cover at the same time. After rolling, leave the cover at the same time and return to the original position.


  • Except for the motor, the whole machine looks like a combined transparent material box, which can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • Servo motor drive screw, not easy to wear, accurate positioning, speed can be set, stable performance.
  • Adopt PLC control, stable operation, anti-interference and high weighing accuracy.
  • The English touch screen clearly displays the working status, operation instructions, fault status and production statistics, etc., and the operation is simple and intuitive.
  • After the material flows well, install a centrifugal device to ensure accuracy, and at the dust material outlet, install a dust suction device to absorb anti-spray dust.

For more information on the working principle and details of the auger filling machine, you can ask our customer service staff.

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