Syrup Filling Machine Working Principle


The working principle of the syrup filling machine adopts the principle of micro-negative pressure gravity filling, which is fast, stable and accurate, and is equipped with a perfect material return system.

The syrup filling machine implements self-flow filling according to the weight of the liquid. This type of filling machine has greater requirements on the viscosity and gas content of the liquid. According to the filling mode, it is divided into timing filling and constant volume filling.

Scope of use:

This machine can meet the technical requirements of hot filling below 95°C. There is no sanitary dead angle in the filling valve and material inlet and outlet pipelines, and it is also equipped with a CIP self-cleaning interface. It is widely used for filling various oils and viscous liquids, such as peanut oil, rapeseed oil, honey and other products.


  • Soft start: When the machine is turned on, the machine is slowly raised from a low speed to a set speed without rigid impulse, so it will not cause damage to the bottle and the machine.
  • Automatic liquid level control: The liquid level control adopts a floating ball liquid level control device to control the liquid level to be stable.
  • No broken bottle: It is equipped with an elastic bottle holding device, which is not limited by the height of the bottle, and the bottle is not in place and will not be filled.
  • Wide range: It can be applied to a variety of special-shaped bottles, and it is convenient and fast to change the bottle type and adjust.
  • Automatic protection: There is an overload clutch protection device at the dial wheel in and out of the bottle, and it will automatically stop and alarm when abnormal conditions occur.
  • Electric adjustment: electric synchronous continuous stepless adjustment quantitative, accurate display on LCD digital display.

Determinants of filling speed:

  1. The pumping speed depends on the viscosity of the product and the speed of the feeding tube.
  2. The diameter of the filling nozzle, the larger the diameter, the faster the speed.
  3. If the filling volume is large, the speed should be slowed down.
  4. Filling accuracy, the higher the accuracy requirement, the slower the filling speed.

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