Assembly Line Digital Control Particle Sugar Filling Machine

Application: sugar, salt, nuts, snacks, dry fruit, oatmeal, etc.

In various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical manufacturing, the precise filling of particles into containers is crucial for ensuring product quality and consistency. To meet this demand, companies rely on advanced technologies like digital control particle filling lines. These automated systems streamline the production process, ensuring accurate and efficient particle filling.

The workflow of the sugar filling machine is:

Pour the sugar into the vibrating hopper of the feeder, then the vibrating storage hopper transports the sugar through the conveyor belt to the linear scale for measurement and weighing. Finally, the sugar is fed into the bottle to complete the filling process.

Digital Control Particle Filling Machine Constitute:

  • Electronic touch screen: Human-machine interface, through the electronic touch screen to set the parameters of the whole machine, one-key operation, convenient and quick to set parameters, saving time and worry.
  • Vibrating storage hopper: The vibrating storage hopper made of 304 stainless steel effectively ensures that the material is discharged smoothly and without pollution.
  • Linear combination: The four head linear combination weigher is used to measure and weigh the sugar, with accurate measurement and small error.
  • Linear weighing filling system: The filling system consists of a material elevator, a linear combination scale, and a single-head feeder. The sugar is supplied to the linear scale through the elevator, which is accurately measured, weighed and filled, and then filled into the bottle.
  • Capping machine: The frequency conversion motor is used to control the rotation of the capping shaft, which effectively ensures the stability and accuracy of the speed.
  • Labeling machine: Use a positioning labeling machine for labeling, and use self-adhesive roll labeling paper. The labeling adopts the cylinder clamping method, and is equipped with automatic bottle separation, which can complete the bottle release and labeling at one time.

digital control particle filling machine

Sugar Filling Machine Features:

Increased efficiency: Automating the sugar filling process significantly improves production efficiency. With precise control over filling quantities, the line minimizes material wastage and reduces the need for manual intervention, allowing manufacturers to achieve higher throughput.

Enhanced accuracy: sugar filling lines utilize advanced technologies to ensure accurate fill weights and volumes. This precision eliminates variations between containers, guaranteeing consistent product quality.

Improved productivity: By automating the filling process, sugar filling lines enable manufacturers to allocate human resources to other critical tasks. This shift increases overall productivity and allows employees to focus on tasks that require manual dexterity or decision-making.

Flexibility and adaptability: Particle filling machine can accommodate a wide range of particle sizes and container shapes. They offer flexibility in changing production requirements, allowing manufacturers to switch between different products or packaging formats with minimal downtime.

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