How to Clean Liquid Filling Machine?

how to clean liquid filling machine

The liquid filling machine needs to be cleaned after use to ensure that the machine is clean the next time it is used and that the filling environment is hygienic. So how to clean it? Here we will introduce two cleaning methods.

1. Water or cleaning fluid circulation filling cleaning

After the liquid filling machine completes the filling operation, clean up the remaining materials in the hopper and material tank. Add water, soapy water, or alcohol, cleaning fluid, etc. into the hopper. Step on the foot switch to start the filling machine, make it absorb the cleaning liquid in the hopper, and adjust the discharge speed quickly, the residual materials will be dissolved in the cleaning liquid and the cleaning liquid can quickly wash away the residual materials in contact with the machine parts, so that The residual materials in the hopper, material tank and related parts are filled out from the main machine together with the cleaning liquid. After multiple cycles of filling, add clean water to the hopper and cycle the filling. After 2 or 3 times of cleaning, the cleaning is over. This method is suitable for use when the cleaning requirement is not high, the material is soluble in water, and the liquid for cleaning the machine is non-corrosive. Note: Do not use organic solvents or strong corrosive cleaning agents to clean the machine.

2. Remove all parts of the host and scrub

After the liquid filling machine works, clean up the remaining materials in the hopper and material tank. Since the machine is installed in a modular manner, after removing the parts, use non-woven cloth and cleaning solution to wipe and clean the parts. When all parts are cleaned, it is recommended that the parts be dried before assembling the parts. This method is suitable for use when the cleaning requirements are high, the material is insoluble in water, and the disassembly and assembly of the machine is relatively familiar. Note: Before the parts are disassembled and cleaned, please turn off the air source of the equipment first, so as to avoid human injury caused by the malfunction of the cylinder.

In addition, we would like to remind everyone that when cleaning metal parts, do not use sharp, hard tools or sharp objects to scrape the surface, so as not to damage the parts. Users should ensure that materials and water are not immersed in the cylinder and air source pipeline during production and use or when disassembling and washing equipment.

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