How Does A Capping Machine Work?

how capping machine work

The capping machine is a general-purpose equipment that meets the market demand. The equipment as a whole includes a cap-arranging barrel and a cap-dropping groove, a transmission mechanism, and a cap-rubbing wheel transmission mechanism. During the horizontal movement of the bottle under the action of the bottle clamping belt, the action of scraping, pressing and rubbing the cap is completed. This machine is suitable for rolling the screw caps of round bottles and flat bottles of various materials. The structure of the whole machine is simple and the adjustment is convenient. When changing the bottle type, there is no need to replace the accessories, just adjust the machine.

How does the capping machine work?

The caps are poured into the hopper and conveyed to the cap organizer by the blower. The cap is trimmed under the action of the cap trimmer motor, and then the trimmed cap is transported to the cap dropper by the blower, and the positive cap is transported out of the track through the cap dropper to prepare for capping. During the capping process, the capping punch reciprocates up and down under the action of the capping cam to complete the action of grasping the cap, bringing the cap, pressing the cap, and disengaging.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. The capping is not tight. At this time, it is necessary to turn off the power, check whether the pressure gauge is normal, and whether the vacuum adjustment is reasonable.
  2. What if there is an emergency during production? An emergency failure occurs, and the work can be stopped urgently by simply pressing the red button.
  3. What if the bottle is too high or too low? The machine has a height adjuster, we can adjust it according to the height of the bottle. Basically, the distance between the seal and the bottle mouth is 1cm.

The operation process of the machine is very simple, as long as you practice according to the operation instructions, you can operate it proficiently. The most important thing is to observe whether there is a fault in the machine during operation, and remove the fault in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

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