How Do You Pack Cashew Nuts?

how do you pack cashew nuts

How do you pack cashew nuts? According to different production needs, different packaging methods can be selected. The common packaging methods are: bagged, bottled, and vacuum packed.

1.Bag packing cashew nuts

There are also many forms of bags, such as pillow bags, zipper bags, etc. Pillow bags are a simple and commonly used form of packaging. The cost of this packaging form is relatively low, and it is usually packaged by a vertical packaging machine.

  • Equipped with safety protection, in line with enterprise safety management requirements.
  • Intelligent temperature controller is used to control the temperature accurately; to ensure the sealing is beautiful and smooth.
  • Adopt PLC servo system, pneumatic control system, super large display touch screen to form the drive control core; maximize the control accuracy, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine.
  • The machine and metering configuration can automatically complete the entire packaging process of metering, feeding, filling bag making, date printing, inflation (exhaust), finished product delivery, and automatically complete the counting.

2.Bottle/can packaging cashew nuts

The advantage of this packaging method is that it can be continuously sealed after each consumption, effectively preventing the product from getting wet. This packaging method is usually completed by a particle filling machine.

The machine is composed of weighing equipment and filling equipment, with accurate measurement and fast filling speed. It can be matched with other auxiliary equipment according to the requirements of production speed to improve the degree of automation, such as capping machine, labeling machine, etc.

3.Vacuum packing cashew nuts

Vacuum packaging is mainly to pump air and remove oxygen, so as to prevent food from mildew and spoilage, prolong the shelf life, and maintain the color, fragrance and nutritional value of food. It mainly completes the vacuuming process through a vacuum packaging machine.

No matter which packaging method you choose to pack your cashews, we can provide you with the right packaging equipment. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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