Auger Filler VS Volumetric Filler

auger filler

Auger filler and volumetric filler are two very common measurement methods. But what is their difference?

The general rule of thumb for volumetric fillers is that the product needs to be free-flowing, granular and consistent in shape. For example: coffee beans, rice, sugar, salt and other products are very suitable for filling with volumetric filler. Of course, some of these products can also be filled with auger filler. However, the aforementioned products can be filled faster and more accurately with a volumetric filler.

If fill rate is your priority, then volumetric filler is a good choice. Volumetric fillers can cycle faster than auger fillers, and material can enter the container faster. Typically, we will try to achieve 1-2% accuracy in most volumetric filler applications. Remember, this is a volumetric filler we are talking about.

If your material is a powder product, then we recommend that you use an auger filler. Because for powder products, the metering of augerfiller is more accurate. And there will be no powder leakage.

Although auger fillers and volumetric fillers can sometimes package the same product, auger fillers can be used in a wider range of products and perform relatively well compared to volumetric fillers. If the material is not free-flowing, then the auger filler is a good choice. Of course, we can also use your material for demonstration, so you can compare which type is more suitable for your product.

So what are the characteristics of auger filler?

  1. It adopts man-machine interface setting, intuitive and convenient operation, PLC control, and accurate loading.
  2. Frequency conversion control, arbitrary adjustment of filling speed, automatic counting.
  3. With automatic shutdown function, no bottle is not filled.
  4. Photoelectric eye positioning type filling, stable and reliable.
  5. The machine is controlled by a high-precision cam indexer with precise positioning.
  6. Made of SUS304 and 316L stainless steel, it fully meets GMP requirements and is more clean and hygienic.

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